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Sound dampening my Keychron K6 mechanical keyboard

Posted on:December 17, 2023

The K6 is known for its robust build and tactile feedback, but this strength comes with a caveat — a springy noise. It’s like having a mini-concert with each word typed, not the most desirable feature, especially during intense coding sessions or late-night work.

Keychron K6

The Materials

The Process

The first step was to carefully disassemble the K6. It felt like a delicate surgery, each component laid out with precision.

A recent incident with another keyboard, the Numphy Air, which ended in a swollen and eventually fiery battery, made me cautious. I decided to remove the battery from the K6 as I use it exclusively in cable mode.

Disassembled keyboard without battery

Applying the car sound deadening mat

This material, previously a hero in our kitchen, was now ready to tackle the echoes within the keyboard. Cutting it to fit precisely was a task, but worth every effort.

Applying the car sound deadening mat

Adding the foam

Next came the foam layer. It wasn’t the neatest job, but perfection wasn’t the goal—silence was.

Adding the foam

Assembled keyboard without new key caps

The Results

The final touch was the new keycaps, adding a dash of aesthetic pleasure to the mix. It’s not just about how it sounds, but also how it looks and feels.

Applying the car sound deadening mat


The end result? A more silent keyboard with a deeper sound profile. The springy noise, although not completely eliminated, was significantly reduced. It’s important to temper expectations—this isn’t a miracle cure, but it’s undoubtedly progress. And, let’s not forget, the new keycaps add a delightful visual appeal to the entire setup.